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Google's in-house VPN, which is a part of its Google One subscription, is a bit different in philosophy to other VPNs. While most other VPNs allow you to transport yourself to any part of the world you want, Google's own VPN doesn't believe in that. There's no country or region selector, and instead, you just fire it up and get to browsing again. It's meant to shield yourself and your IP address online, and it's probably the most solid option if you don't really need to hop around countries for any reason. And if you've ever wondered whether this would change, it will not — in fact, the servers you'll connect to are now getting even closer to you.

Google has sent out an email to its VPN users warning them of an upcoming change. Starting on July 29th, the VPN will begin connecting to servers that are physically close to your location, rather than just connecting to any server within the country.

Thanks: Nick

This is being done in an effort to improve services and experiences based on your location, so most of your apps should still continue to function as if you hadn't changed locations at all — you won't be using your IP, and you'll thus have all the advantages the VPN gives you, without the different IP breaking things like local weather forecasts or location-based Google Search queries.

As we mentioned, Google's VPN doesn't have a region selector. However, if you'd prefer the VPN to choose from a wider pool of locations within your country for your next IP change, you'll actually be able to change that by going into the app's settings and tweaking the appropriate option. By default, though, it'll try to grab a server that's close to you. Expect to see these changes within the next few weeks, as an update rolls out for the Google One app. If you do need the option to select a different location, there are tons of great other VPNs out there.

Thanks: Nick