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Robot vacuums are supposed to help you save time and effort by automatically cleaning your floors. Sadly, even some of the best ones require extensive maintenance and care, which defeats the purpose of automation. Also, robot vacuums must feature precise navigation, as some struggle to navigate around shoes, cables, and other objects. These particular reasons made me give up on robot vacuums last year.

With the L10s Ultra, Dreame aims to make things much smoother, thanks to a self-cleaning and auto-emptying system. The robovac can automatically empty its dustbin, clean its mop pads, and refill itself with clean water and detergent. In addition, it features intelligent AI-powered navigation, allowing it to move around your house with precision and avoid obstacles instead of carrying them around.

With such promising functionality, the Dreamebot L10s Ultra looks like the robot cleaner we’ve always dreamed of. That being said, it costs a whopping $1,400, so let’s see if after using it for a month, I’m ready to use it as my daily driver and go back to trusting a robot to clean my floors.

The Dreametech L10s Ultra is one of the most advanced robot vacuums available on the market. It has impressive suction power, two spinning brushes to clean and mop your floors, combined with advanced navigation features and obstacle detection. In addition to excellent navigation and obstacle detection, the L10s Ultra can clean its mops and automatically empty the dirty water and dust in the dock's appropriate tanks, requiring little maintenance.

Similarly, it can automatically go back to its station to refill its clean water tank, which the station automatically mixes with a cleaning solution. Dreametech designed its self-emptying and self-cleaning station with care, making it a relatively acceptable addition to your living room, and integrated the tanks vertically to save space. It's definitely our favorite option when it comes to robot vacuums and mop combos.

  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 3 inches
  • Dustbin Capacity: 3L dust bag in station
  • Battery Life: 210 minutes
  • Brand: Dreametech
  • Price: $1,000
  • Power: 5,300Pa
  • Weight: 8.1 lbs
  • Color : White
  • Surface Recommendation: All
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (App, Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri)
  • Integrations: Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri
  • Set it and forget it approach
  • Cleaning efficiency
  • Vacuums and mops and at the same time
  • Excellent navigation
  • Design
  • Excellent integration with Google Home and Alexa
  • Price
  • Base station doesn't self-clean
  • No extra accessories/consumables included in the box
  • Works with a dust bag (instead of just a dust bin)
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Dreametech L10s Ultra

Dreamebot L10s Ultra: Design, hardware, what's in the box


Like most robot vacuums and mops, the Dreamebot L10s Ultra is round and white, with a single side brush to clean the edges. Its size is also standard, measuring 13-by-13-by-3-inches, with its top-mounted LIDAR dome. Thankfully, it’s not too tall, allowing the robot to easily sneak under furniture for a complete cleaning. It’s also assisted by a front-mounted camera, which helps the robot navigate your house and doubles as a security camera when you want to keep an eye at home.

A top flap hides the robot’s HEPA filter, allowing you to access it without turning it upside down. However, you’ll have to flip it over to get to the two large mop pads and the brush roller. The latter is a bristleless rubber one, which is much easier to clean as it prevents hair from getting tangled in it. Similarly, it’s better at removing dust from carpets and rugs than a traditional roller. As for the mops, Dreame chose to mount two large rotating ones that spin at 180 rpm and apply downward pressure to eliminate stains and clean effectively.


The base station is unlike the competitors’, measuring 16-by-13-by-22-inches. Although this might seem bulky, Dreame did an excellent job at keeping it slim and stacked the water tanks on top of the dust bag, as well as placing the cleaning solution cartridge in between the two. This makes it easier to fit in a corner, as long as you don’t expect it to fit under furniture; it’s significantly taller than most stations on the market.

Thankfully, it looks sleek, unlike the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra’s, making you want to feature it instead of trying to hide it. Housed under the top flap are the clean and waste water tanks, sitting on top of the 3L dust bag, which is accessible by opening the chrome door located on the front side of the dock.


The robot and the base station look premium, mixing shiny white with chrome and silver touches. Of course, the color choice makes dust easily noticeable over time, so you’ll have to wipe your appliance once in a while. The build quality is solid, and the robot seems durable and capable of withstanding occasional bumps. The base station is also well finished, but the sealing mechanism to close the water tanks and the top flap are a bit fragile. Given the overall price, they could have been firmer.

In addition to the robot and the base station, the box includes a cleaning brush and a replacement dust bag. The accessories, such as the mops, the pads, and the filter, come pre-installed or in the box, but Dreame hasn’t bothered to include any replacement parts, which is hard to accept given the robot’s price.

Dreamebot L10s Ultra: Software, cleaning, and battery


The Dreamebot L10s Ultra can be controlled using either the Dreamehome or the Mi Home apps. This is particularly handy if you have Xiaomi smart home devices, as you don’t have to install yet another app on your phone.

Both are fully compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, in the sense that you can orally ask for the bot to clean a specific room in addition to starting and docking it. Besides using the app and voice assistants, the robot can also be controlled using the top buttons and the ones on the base station.

During its first run, the bot will show itself around the place and use its built-in LIDAR sensor to create a virtual map. It can memorize different maps or floors to avoid repeating the process every time. Unfortunately, just like other robots that use LIDAR technology, the Dreamebot keeps thinking there is an imaginary room outside my bay windows, and there’s no way to remove it manually.

Similarly, although it’s possible to edit the map, you can’t give a custom name to a room. Instead, you have to pick from pre-existing ones, so my dining room is officially called “Dining Hall” in the app. Thankfully, you can create virtual walls, no-go zones, and no-mop zones. There’s also a 3D map feature, showing your walls and furniture, which is more there for the wow effect than for any use.

Besides that, the app is packed with features and customization options. The main screen shows the map, the robot’s status, and the latest cleaning stats. There are a few options available to customize the cleaning process, including sending it to a specific room or zone or whether it should sweep, mop, or do both simultaneously. It’s also possible to select the suction power and mop pad humidity. These settings can be adjusted and memorized for each room, which is particularly smart. For instance, I configured the bot to clean my hallway twice, and with more water since we often enter with muddy shoes and paws.

Similarly, the settings menu offers many options, such as creating cleaning schedules, automatically adding detergent, how often the robot should return to the base to clean its mop pads, and whether it should lift them over carpets or entirely avoid rugs.

The app also lets you customize the cleaning sequence in a way; you can choose in which order it should clean the rooms. Alternatively, you can let it do its thing, and the bot will automatically clean rooms by alternating between different areas to let them dry.


The Dreamehome app also lets you monitor your house using the bot’s built-in camera. You can either manually control it using the on-screen tap, or even tap an area on the map for it to automatically navigate to it. The robot features two-way audio, allowing you to scold your pet in case it doesn’t behave when you’re not home.

For maximum privacy, the function is certified safe by TÜV SÜD and meets ETSI EN 303 645 cybersecurity standards for IoT. Sadly, since the robot needs its built-in sensor to detect obstacles, you can only use it when it’s not cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning, the Dreamebot is particularly efficient and reliable. During the entire month that we tested it, it never got stuck or required manual attention when cleaning and always completed its tasks brilliantly. Similarly, it carefully avoided cables, shoes, and other objects around the house and even automatically uploaded pictures of the objects it recognized.

When setting it up for the first time, I was asked if I had pets, to which I answered yes. This feature makes the bot scan for potential pet accidents around the house, which can be brilliant if your pet isn’t potty-trained. However, it's not completely accurate. In fact, in my case, the robot simply ended up thinking leaves were pet waste — which, I have to admit, did look like it in the uploaded pictures.


Using the same AI engine, the robot recognizes carpets and rugs and adjusts its behavior accordingly. For example, it can lift its mop pads to avoid putting water on them and increase its suction power to remove dust and debris from thick carpets.

In terms of effectiveness, the Dreamebot L10s Ultra does an excellent job, mainly thanks to its 5,300 Pa suction power and bristleless rubber brush, which is particularly effective on carpets. The rotating mops are also great for cleaning hard floors, especially when used in combination with the cleaning solution, which gently removes dirt without leaving marks or stains by applying enough pressure on the ground.

Also, since the robot can automatically return to the base and clean its pads, it mops your floors using fresh water and doesn’t spread dirt around the house like some cheaper robots do.


While cleaning, you can track the bot on the map in real-time using the app, helping you identify which areas have already been cleaned. Similarly, the bot can say what it’s doing out loud to help you understand whether it’s done or going back to the base to clean the mops or recharge itself.

Thankfully, the Dreamebot L10s Ultra will rarely have to do so while cleaning, as its built-in 5,200 mAh battery can last for up to 210 minutes in quiet vacuuming or 160 minutes when vacuuming and mopping. Even when we ran it at max power, it fully cleaned our entire 1,000-square-foot house without requiring a charging break.

Dreamebot L10s Ultra: Maintenance and care


With the L10s Ultra, Dreame promises a “set it and forget it” experience. The extensive maintenance and manual care of the vacuum is what drove me away from robots in the first place, so I was very excited to give the Dreamebot L10s Ultra a try. After using it for a month, I admit it won me over.

During the whole time I’ve used it, all I had to do was to refill its clean water tank with fresh water and flush the dirty one down the toilet. If I had to nitpick, I’d say the 2.5L tanks are a bit too small; I had to refill clean water and empty the wastewater about twice a week with daily cleaning, and I’d have preferred bigger ones.

But besides that, I didn’t do any manual maintenance with the bot. Indeed, it managed to automatically empty its dust bin into the base station’s dust bag, automatically clean the mops and even dry them with hot air after each cleaning session. This last feature is exclusive to the Dreamebot L10s Ultra, allowing it to dry them in just 2 hours in relative silence, which helps avoid mildew and odor.


Of course, after a month, I had to clean the bot, which took me a mere five minutes. All I needed to do was remove the mops and throw them in the washer, open the brush tray, remove it and clean up the dog hair wrapped on the sides. I have to praise Dreame for choosing a rubber and bristleless brush, which meant no hair stuck around the brush itself, helping it keep its cleaning effect and making maintenance much easier.

It's also important to mention I didn't have to buy another cleaning solution cartridge yet. Although it's a bit disappointing that Dreame chose a proprietary system, they look relatively easy to refill for creative people.

The only thing Dreame could have done better when it comes to maintenance is improving the cleaning of the base station’s receptacle. Indeed, since some hard bristles clean the mop pads, dusty water is left in the bottom. You have to manually remove the plastic part, rinse it, wipe the bottom of the receptacle and replace them.

It’s not painstaking, but you have to think of it, especially considering it can get dirty quickly. Despite that, it’s not necessary to do it more than once a week, but it’s a pity there’s no self-cleaning feature like on the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra.

Continuing with the downsides, I would have liked to have extra mop pads in the box, as I could have washed the first two while placing another pair on the bot in the meantime. However, the Dreamebot L10s Ultra does remain true to its “set it and forget it” promise, and probably requires fewer manual tasks than standard cleaning.

Dreamebot L10s Ultra: Should you buy it?


The Dreamebot is the robot vacuum and mop I've been dreaming of. Not only does it vacuum and clean perfectly, but it can also navigate the house brilliantly without getting stuck or requiring manual intervention. Its app is very customizable, gives you full control of how and when your home should be cleaned, and works seamlessly with voice assistants. The robot also requires minimal maintenance and care, allowing you to set it, forget it, and come home to gleaming floors.

This near-perfection comes at a high price, though, as the robot costs $1,400 and doesn’t even ship with replacement parts and accessories. That being said, it’s similarly priced compared to the competing Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra while being slightly superior.

With that in mind, you can definitely buy the Dreamebot L10s Ultra with full confidence, provided you have the budget for it.

Buy it if...

  • You’re looking for a fully automated cleaning experience with minimal interaction
  • You've got the bucks for it

Don't buy it if...

  • You have mostly carpeted floors, as you won’t need the mopping feature
  • You don’t need proper mopping and are fine with just a wet wipe of your floors