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We've seen a lot of excellent smartphones hit store shelves in 2023, but one particular bright spot this year has been battery life. A quick look at recent flagship and budget flagships reveals that many of our favorite products — especially those powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or 8+ Gen 1 — are reaching multi-day battery life without breaking a sweat. Throw in fast-charging on phones from OnePlus or Motorola, and how — and when — you power up your device can really change.

Although I haven't used my OnePlus 11 in a few months (like I said, it's been a particularly good year for phones), I was surprised with how a combination of great battery life and ultra-fast charging can quickly transform your usual habits. Considering I was pulling two days of moderate-to-heavy usage out of it, and the device only required around thirty minutes for a full charge, I stopped plugging the phone in at night altogether — something unthinkable for most of my devices.

But it's not alone in this category. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is another candidate for some of the best battery life I've seen in a phone this year, although its much slower charging speeds (especially without a PPS charger) make it difficult to completely revolutionize your daily schedule. Meanwhile, some phones actually gave me far more battery anxiety than I've had in years. My time with the Pixel 7a — especially during the first two weeks — contained more mid-afternoon top-ups than I preferred, leaving me with far more mixed thoughts on that phone than your standard reviewer.

It's been nearly three years since we last asked readers when they charge their phone throughout the day, and I think it's high time we revisit the question. Between advancements in fast-charging and longer-lasting batteries in general, the idea of waiting until your device needs to be plugged in is a reality, and I'm curious how many have chosen to live their lives that way. Me, I'm a creature of habit, and aside from a couple of exceptions (such as the OnePlus 11), plugging in at bedtime just feels right. As with all of our current polls, I've condensed previous options down to just five choices, so if you don't see one that fits you, feel free to leave your expanded thoughts in the comments.