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Count yourself lucky if you have a phone that can keep its display on to show you the time or a late notification without the need to blast all of the screen with light. Well, except for when you pull your phone out of your pocket — the panel goes on blast and your eyes are the worse for it. Plenty of people do and one such person has gone out of their way to request always-on display palm rejection from Google — and they're going to get it.

The thread in the Google Issue Tracker dated May 31 is short and to the point. The original writer posted a four-sentence request for the palm rejection feature to be included in Android Q, asserting that "most people don't intend for the screen to turn on unless they deliberately tap the screen twice, usually somewhere in the middle clock area."

On June 21, Google officially responded, saying that the feature "will be available in later releases."

With Google's own Pixel phones, users who have AOD turned on can also enable two gestures to trigger the lockscreen from that stage: lift to check phone and double-tap to check phone. Toggling those features on will let users go straight to that bright, bright lockscreen when picking up their device from a table or pocket. Otherwise, the phone will default to the subdued always-on display view.

It'd be nice to see some sort of consistency when it comes to a default vision for waking up a phone across Android-dom, so we look forward to seeing what exactly results from this move.

Source: Google Issue Tracker

Via: XDA-Developers