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Google Discover is a key part of the Pixel Launcher, even if it isn't everyone's cup of tea. While some people still miss Google Now years after its replacement appeared, many users rely on it to access a curated list of recommended news stories and topics. With Android 12 bringing a whole new look to your phone, Discover just wouldn't feel complete without an extra splash of color to match your device.

As part of the latest beta version for the Google app, Discover's top banner now matches your device's background on Android 12 (via 9to5Google). This tweak replaces the white space that would appear whenever a Doodle wasn't active, generally making the entire thing look a little more clean and modern. The banner sticks to black in dark mode, but the "Google" logo still picks up a tint from your backdrop.

Left: Android 11. Middle: Android 12. Right: Android 12 with dark mode.

It's the latest in a long line of tweaks Android 12 has delivered for the Discover feed. Google uncentered its logo in a series of tests back in May, a change that seems to have stuck around for the time being. We also learned that Doodles now take up the entire feed, making for a more cohesive feel overall.

If you're part of the Android 12 beta and want to check out this new look, you'll need to install version 12.32 of the Google app. You can join the beta program through the Play Store link below or download it from APK Mirror.

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