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It’s October, and that doesn’t only mean it’s the Halloween season, no — it’s also the Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and Google is using the opportunity to share a few updates on its security measures for accounts and apps. The highlight is likely the announcement that the company is finally adding an easily accessible shortcut to its password manager right to the Google app.

While we haven’t seen the new shortcut in action yet, Google shares in its announcement that it’s “rolling out a feature in the Google app that allows you to access all of the passwords you've saved in Google Password Manager right from the Google app menu.” We presume that the “app menu” is supposed to be the account icon in the top right corner of the Google app that opens a menu when you tap it, like shown below.

This is big news because previously, you’d either need to know where to navigate to on the web ( or you’d have to go hunting for the entry in your Google account settings (see the third screenshot above). Putting the shortcut to view all of your passwords right in the account switcher menu makes it much more accessible for millions of people who might have not even known where to find it in the first place.

For iOS users, Google has other good news. While it’s been possible to use the Google or Chrome app for autofilling passwords in third-party applications, the company wants to roll out the option to suggest passwords, too, a feature that has long been available on Android.

Google also plans to enroll even more people into its two-step authentication process, which requires both a Google password (something you know) and a second factor like a phone, security key, or an OTP code (something you have) to log in. By the end of the year, Google wants to automatically enroll 150 million more people and require 2 million YouTube creators to turn it on.

Google has also reiterated that it launched a new sign-in method for third-party apps called One Tap. As the name implies, it allows you to sign up for or log in to apps with only one additional tap, without requiring a password, and is already live on Reddit, Pinterest, and more. We covered it in depth here.