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Google Photos, which could be considered the Swiss Army knife of gallery apps, is always getting better with each update. For example, recently Photos received a convenient import function. Now, the developers have added video effects and fine-tuned media controls, transforming the app into an even more comprehensive tool for Android users.

Google Photos is picking up a new feature in its video editing suite that allows users to add a range of special effects to their videos, as demonstrated in a video by In Depth Tech Reviews (via Google News on Telegram). All the options can be found in a new effects tab in the edit interface. Once you choose the effects tab, the app downloads them, and you're good to go.

Google has added 12 effects that cover a range of different use cases, like Dust Max, Black and White Film, Light Leak, and more. These effects add a personal touch to your videos. For example, the Poster effect makes your video look like folded paper, while the Layouts effect gives a neat block-by-block look to your selfie videos.

In Depth Tech Reviews tested this on a Google Pixel 7 Pro with Android 14 Beta 3, and it appears to work like a charm. It also works on my Pixel 6 with Android 13, so it's not tied to the preview version of Android.

Separately, Google has made the video playback controls easier to use. Instead of just the play and pause buttons, now there are buttons to skip forward and backward. It's a handy change from the older version, like the one shown on the Pixel 7a in the video.

Ther is also a profile menu update. Google has removed the old floating box style and brought in a full-screen view that shows up when you activate the profile menu. And it's not just in Google Photos — the YouTuber says the makeover is also available in other Google apps for him.