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Google’s At a Glance widget is a staple feature on Pixel phones that has evolved a lot over the years. On Google devices, it shows you all kinds of timely information, upcoming calendar events, and even lets you turn off your flashlight. This same widget is also available on virtually all other great Android phones, but it’s a lot more rudimentary and looks outdated, still sporting the look and feel it had on Android 11 with its centered style. That’s about to change, with a completely novel design different from what Pixel users get.

As spotted by @Nail_Sadykov, who runs the Google News Telegram channel, the new design puts the At a Glance information into a pill shape, with the weather offset into a section of its own. Details on upcoming appointments or other information relayed by the widgets are shown in big letters at the top, while the time frame and more details are available in a single line further at the bottom. There is also a three-dot menu that you can likely tap to set up and configure the widget, much like what Sadykov spotted earlier in his July 5 tweet, embedded in the Twitter thread below.

Sadykov reports that the new design isn’t fully launched yet. He was able to pull up the placeholder that you see in the widget picker interface, but not the widget itself. It will likely take some time until Google has it ready to launch, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it coincided with the Android 14 launch later this year.

The redesign is long overdue, given that the At a Glance widget never received the same kind of love on other phones as on the Pixel lineup. We can only hope that it will also gain a few new features that put it more in line with the experience on Google’s own devices.