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Jules joined the Android Police team in 2019. He currently contributes art for our stories and edits our podcast. Before that, he managed weekend news and wrote AP's newsletter.

Jules also contributes to our sister sites XDA-Developers and Pocket-lint. He also was editor at our now-sister site, Pocketnow.

What phone do they have now?

In addition to phones I've reviewed, I own a Pixel 6a. Mostly because I use Google Fi Wireless.

What was their first phone?

A $100 Samsung Galaxy Admire (SCH-R720) from MetroPCS. I bloomed late and only got a phone coming out of high school.

What is their favorite ever phone?

The HTC One M8 Harman/Kardon edition I won in a sweepstakes. It was especially fantastic since I was on Sprint at the time and the phone was exclusive to that network. It was chonky.

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threads-alt-ap-hero 1

The social media news cycle was on meth this week. We don't know how else to say it. Twitter and Reddit continue their slow-motion meltdowns while Mark Zuckerberg actually comes out the winner for once. This episode of the Android Police podcast is dominated by Threads and where the yarn goes from here.

themrmobile-pixel-fold 1

Is it a coincidence that the Mr. Mobile, Michael Fisher, is joining the Android Police podcast for the second time (the first time under a different run) and both times the discussion at hands was about foldables? Maybe it is, but whatever the case may actually be, this episode is all about the Pixel Fold and our evaluations on how Google's first step into foldable phones has landed.

moto-razr-plus-review-08 1
The Razr+ brings sexy back to smartphones (and the Android Police podcast)

Featuring Joe Maring of Digital Trends


It's a study of contrasts with reviews going out for Motorola's Razr+ and Google's Pixel Tablet. This week, the Android Police podcast is graced by the presence of Digital Trends mobile editor Joe Maring to chat about garbage fires and unexpected triumphs as well as marketing of charming and questionable natures.

reddit-app-icon-hero 1
Reddit is doing nobody favors and the Android Police podcast won't stand for it

And surprise, surprise, Google's killing more stuff off


It's a summer of discontent running right through the Android Police podcast. Topping our show, of course, is Reddit's war on itself — namely, the user community it relies on for its success. We also watch the axe fall on more Google services with even more uncertainty ahead for its entire business. Finally, we talk about wood and how nice it looks and feels... on a phone. Dog days? Psh, who says these are dog days?

A woman wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset in front of a black background 1
The Android Police podcast talks Apple Vision Pro (and cons)

We also give some karmic blowback on the Reddit situation


We're not beyond giving Apple some attention here at the Android Police podcast, especially during a week where the company decided to tease a $3,500 VR headset. Indeed, the road to popularization is long and filled with deep potholes, but the company is taking a chance on it in neglect of its other major existing platforms — arguably harming the Apple user experience by raising the already-high walls surrounding its garden. This week, we have XDA-Developer Apple Editor Mahmoud Itani on our show to discuss. Also, our own Stephen Schenck and his questionable amount of time spent online.

moto-razr-plus-hands-on-04 1
The Android Police podcast can't wait for the Moto Razr+ (and Razr-)

We lovingly called the $800 one 'the minus'


Motorola is having a good year and the streak continues, it seems, with the rollout of its new Razr+ and Razr(-) for 2023. Our Will Sattelberg shares his experiences at the hands-on event. Also on the Android Police podcast, we debate Apple's merits as it's rumored to be preparing a $3,000 consumer-focused AR/VR headset that's sure to please James Cameron. That and a lot more on this week's show!

ap_052923 1
The Android Police podcast desperately needs the Moto Razr Ultra

Oh, we poor unfortunate souls...


We take a look at Google's enhanced online search engine with generative AI results and... whew, we've got a long way to go. Surprisingly, we bounce around Sony a bit in the middle before discussing the next Moto Razr, the demise of YouTube Stories (you forgot those were a thing, right?), and yes, air out laundry in our impromptu Letterboxd segment. It's just another week on the Android Police podcast.

pixel-8-generic-ap-hero-2023 1

On the menu for the Android Police podcast this week, we'll be probing a Pixel 8 rumor much like how one temps a steak with a thermometer. We've got a few thoughts to dish out on the Montana TikTok ban, too. And, if that's not enough, for dessert, we'll be having BlackBerry pie... in the form of an impromptu movie review. Order up!

ap-best-smartphone-data-plans 1
Best value smartphone data plans in the US right now for single lines and families

Now may be the right time to cut down on your wireless bill

By  and

The easiest mistake to make when signing up for a new smartphone data plan is overbuying. Carriers are happy to push new customers toward their biggest and most fully-featured plans with phone deals and promotions, but you might end up spending way more than necessary in the long run.

ap_051523 1
The Android Police podcast basically roasts Google I/O 2023 for 77 minutes

The Pixels were mediocre and the AI ain't lookin' all right


It really felt like everything that you could tie back to the core product of Android took a back seat to some weird, rushed gimmickry through the power of artificial intelligence at this year's I/O conference. Already bad at keeping a lot of its secrets, Google has made none whatsoever about pushing applications for its various forms of AI modeling out to consumers. So, the Android Police podcast is taking the goliath to task on just how much neglect it is paying to the Pixel brand it has proudly cultivated and the shaky path ahead for its fleet of magic features to come.

ap_050723 1
We're pulling out all the STOPs for Google I/O 2023 on this Android Police podcast

Including the one that's messing with your alarm


You can read the original version of the show notes on our RSS feed — long story short, we've got Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a chatter ahead of I/O 2023 this week — but as a lifelong guy from around Boston whose taste in music was truly shaped during his time at Emerson College's WERS-FM (where they still give the Pixies plenty of airplay), seeing the Pixies persist and thrive as they approach four decades of giving a surf-punk slant to rock is amazing and I'm happy about what happened this week on Twitter. Okay, on with the show.

A hand holding a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with a blurred image of grass and trees in the background 1

You might not know how you can fit all of what Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 Pro brings to your wrist, but as we consider it to be one of the best smartwatches you can get for your money in 2023, we think that you should probably brainstorm just a little bit: the Bluetooth-only model is on sale now across multiple retailers, but there's only one place you can spot it now for a full 30% off MSRP.

Chrome_Themes_AAPIHM_Blog_Header.width-1200.format-webp 1
Try out 20 awesome new Chrome themes from Asian and Pacific American artists

Some great ways to brighten up your 'New Tab' page


Identity. It's something given to each and every one of us and we're all left to figure out what to do with it. With the calendar flipping over to May, we're now into Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, and the plan for many is to celebrate with the many people that share cover under this diasporic umbrella. Art plays an important role in any sort of fesitivities and we're not just talking about motion pictures here — Google is angling to join the party with a digital potluck offering: new Chrome themes.

google-pixel-fold-ap-hero-2023-1 1
Google Pixel Fold stops by the FCC en route to launch

Network and wireless protocol compatibility ensured


Whatever's happening at Google I/O in just nine days, the Pixel Fold is all but certain to be a part of the festivities. So far as we can tell, there's practically only crumbs that we can gain from further intelligence grabs at this point since we already know how Google's first foldable phone will look inside and out. Still, with some FCC documents about the Pixel Fold going public, we might as well try and glean something new out of all this.

galaxy-flip-4-standing 1

When it rains, it pours, but unless you're real tired of the render parade that's been happening over the past week, there's very little to snore at here. Specifically, we're talking about some big reveals with foldables like the Pixel Fold and its inner display bezels, the flat-tastic hinge on Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 5 and... what's this? Pictures of the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5? Who would've thought?

oneplus-pad-review-03 1
You're not holding the OnePlus Pad right and the Android Police podcast never will

Care to share your ThoughtPhones with us, Will?


Will goes back-to-back this week on the Android Police podcast with a debrief of his reviews of the OnePlus Pad and the Motorola ThinkPhone. Both devices provide one hell of a time each and we explore the depths of such depravity. We also roam around rumorland with the Pixel 7a and the Galaxy Watch 6, then torch Google Authenticator's makeover and Amazon's weak attempt at some sort of fitness tracker. Oh, you want merch? We got merch. That's going into the trash. That's this week.

Ticwatch E3 Prime Day sale body 1
TicWatch Pro 5 is looking large in latest leak

Clean up on Amazon, aisle one


The Pixel Watch and Samsung's Galaxy Watch are sapping a ton of oxygen in the Wear OS world right now. Recent investments in development have helped the platform make a tiny dent against the Apple Watch on the market, but truthfully, we'd really like to see more players come back on the field. Mobvoi looks set up to provide with the TicWatch Pro 5 this year and we've got all we need to know thanks to some errant uploads appearing on a Canadian Amazon product page.

samsung-galaxy-tab-a8-back-1 1
Grab a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 for as little as $179 ASAP

Android tablets have their place — this one belongs in your home


Between our homes and work, a lot of us like to hang out in our so-called "third places" like a friend's house or the coffee shop. Turns out a good portion of society also likes to jump onto a "third device" between our computers and phones and we think Samsung's Galaxy Tab A8 strikes the right balance. This weekend, you can pick one up and save more than 20% on a great Android slab.

icon-packs 9-1 1
Google risks trashing Android customization by ignoring the custom icon problem

It's a crisis of policy and incentives


The open nature of Android offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to how and where we get the software we run on our phones, but there's also little denying that the Play Store is going to be where the vast majority of us turn, the vast majority of the time — and for developers, getting their apps on the Play Store means playing by Google's rules. Unfortunately, those rules are often inconsistently applied, or in such an opaque manner that devs are left feeling frustrated and hopeless.

ap_042123 1
What does a $500 Pixel 7a mean? The Android Police podcast discusses

Plus, we remember an original champ in Android hardware: HTC


Alright, Prosser. We're talking about your leak. Lots of Pixel pricing and availability to deal with on this episode of the Android Police podcast. But we'll balance it out with another amazing Chinese phone that none of us will practically be able to use and a remembrance of a brand that truly defined the cutting edge of Android hardware a decade ago. This episode runs like a tight ship, so prepare for smooth sailing.

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