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Google's currently in the middle of maybe its biggest summer for new hardware in years, welcoming devices like the Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel Fold to the party. Those new models all hit the ground running, and Google was quick to show them the same solid software support the Pixel name is known for. Last week marked the arrival of the July update for Pixel devices, and while we saw it land for the vast majority of hardware, the Pixel Fold was curiously absent. Today Google finally sets things right, releasing the Fold's July patch.

While Google did include the Pixel Fold among the hardware it listed when initially announcing the July update, downloads for the foldable were missing from Google's factory image and OTA repositories. Now, a few days behind the rest of the pack, Fold downloads have arrived, including support for international and carrier editions.

We haven't seen Google offer any explanation for this delay, and it's probably not anything worth getting concerned about — Pixel update delays are hardly anything new. That said, when the newest, most expensive, and most technically complex Pixel model gets singled out as the "slow" one — well, let's just say we'll be keeping an eye on future releases in the hopes that this doesn't become a tradition.

Google's TQ3C.230705.001.C1 software release is out now for your Pixel Fold phone. Just make sure you go easy on the phone — it sure doesn't seem like the most robust hardware around.