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If you plan to buy one of the best Samsung phones soon, you may want to safeguard it with a sturdy case and screen protector. While that serves to a great extent, attaining a 100% shield is impossible for the clumsy ones among us. Even if you're not, Samsung Care Plus gives you peace of mind that your pricey phone is protected. While many people skip it due to the extra fees, it's a lifeline if your new Samsung phone suffers damage. It's especially useful for devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which while practical, has a fragile screen.

If you're curious to know what sets Samsung Care Plus apart from carrier protection plans or if it's worth it, we're here to help. This guide walks you through everything you need to know about Samsung's protection plan, from its monthly price to how much you'll pay for a cracked screen repair.

Samsung Care Plus only covers hardware. Back up your Samsung device regularly to avoid losing your data.

What is Samsung Care Plus?

Samsung Care Plus covers nearly every Samsung device, from smartphones to washing machines. The brand offers four phone protection plans for U.S. customers, including Samsung Care Plus, Samsung Care Plus with Theft and Loss, Samsung Care Plus Essentials, and the NY-exclusive Theft and Loss Insurance.

While details vary per plan, the main result of subscribing is to save money if you need to replace or repair your device. Samsung Care Plus subscribers can expect a convenient and speedy replacement or repair.

A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 with the screen unfolded
Source: Galaxus / SamMobile

What does Samsung Care Plus cover?

While Samsung's four protection plans aim to make phone repairs and replacements more economical, each covers slightly different packages. Samsung Care Plus (the standard plan) covers unlimited mechanical breakdowns and accidents during regular use, such as drop damage, spills, or cracked screens. While not all repairs and replacements are free (more on that later), Samsung Care Plus provides a hefty discount and covers all shipping fees for repairing or replacing your device.

For instance, If you accidentally break your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen during the coverage, you'll pay $29 for screen repair instead of $450. That's the fixed price across all Samsung phones, so it doesn't matter if you own a foldable or A-series device.

After subscribing to Samsung Care Plus, you're entitled to unlimited repairs and replacement claims. You'll pay a fee for screen repairs and accidental damages caused by handling (ADH), but mechanical breakdowns or hardware failures are free.

Subscribing to Samsung Care Plus with Theft & Loss or the NY-exclusive Theft and Loss Insurance also allows you to replace your lost, stolen, or unrecoverable device up to three times a year. While the former covers theft and loss in addition to everything you get from Samsung Care Plus, the NY-exclusive Theft and Loss Insurance doesn't. If you want to cover only mechanical breakdowns and not accidental damages, Samsung Care Plus Essentials offers that at a reduced fee. It extends Samsung's traditional warranty coverage by a year. However, none of the protection plans cover chargers or accessories.

Samsung Care Plus is not a universal experience. Beyond pricing changes, you may not receive the same benefits in your country. For example, U.K. subscribers can only make up to two claims per year. Check your country's Samsung Care Plus page to check the details.

How much does Samsung Care Plus cost?

The cost of Samsung Care Plus varies depending on your device, coverage span, and desired plan. Samsung splits its pricing into four tiers across all the packages, with options to pay monthly (for 36 months) or make an upfront payment for two years. Paying upfront is more economical, but you'll have a shorter coverage time.

Samsung Care Plus extends beyond phones. You'll find the pricing details for devices on the Samsung Care+ web page.

Here are the pricing details for Samsung Care Plus and Samsung Care Plus with Theft & Loss in USD.

Device Tier

Pricing for Samsung Care+

Pricing for Samsung Care+ with Theft & Loss


Monthly subscription

One-off payment

Monthly subscription

One-off Payment

Tier 1





All Galaxy A series, Xcover Pro

Tier 2





Galaxy S2x, Galaxy S2x+ (128GB), Galaxy S23+ (256GB), Galaxy S2x FE, Galaxy Note10, Note20 series

Tier 3





Galaxy S2x+ (256GB), Galaxy S23+ (512GB), Galaxy S2x Ultra, Galaxy Note 10+, Note 20 Ultra series, Galaxy Z Flip series

Tier 4





S23 Ultra (1TB), Galaxy Z Fold series

Under both plans, you'll pay $29 for cracked screen repair, while other ADH replacements and repairs will set you back $99 for all the tiers. For lost or stolen phones covered under Samsung Care Plus with Theft & Loss, Samsung charges $99 at Tier 1, increasing to $149, $149, and $199 for the subsequent tiers. They process the fee after approving your claim, and it's non-refundable.

Samsung Care Plus Essentials costs a one-off payment of $19, $39, $59, or $89 for two years, depending on your phone's tier. It only covers mechanical breakdowns, and Samsung won't save you on a clumsy day, but it's the cheapest option if all you want is an extended warranty.

Theft & Loss Insurance is the final option, and it's only available to New York customers for a $5.50 monthly subscription on all the tiers. While it doesn't cover the benefits of the standard Samsung Care Plus, it allows you to claim replacements for your lost or stolen device without breaking the bank. Like Samsung Care Plus with Theft & Loss, you'll pay a $99, $149, $149, or $199 replacement fee for each tier.

A purple Samsung Galaxy S22 sitting on a purple notebook
Source: Samsung

How long does Samsung Care Plus coverage last?

Samsung protects your phone for 24 or 36 months, depending on the plan you subscribed to. You can make unlimited repair and replacement claims while your subscriptions last, but Samsung only replaces your misplaced phone up to three times per year if your plan covers theft and loss.

To file a Samsung Care Plus claim, visit the Samsung repair provider's website and sign in with your email or mobile number. After that, click the File a claim link on the page and fill in the corresponding form. You can also call 1-833-690-0918 or email for subsequent support.

After approving your claim, the repair provider follows up with the step to repair or replace your device. You may also receive same-day or next-business-day replacement based on your plan, phone model, location, claim approval time, and general availability.

As of January 18, 2023, Samsung changed its repair service provider from Asurion to Servify. If you need to file a claim for subsequent issues, direct it to Servify with the guide provided above. However, if you purchased the Samsung Care Plus one-off plan before the stated date, you can continue filing your claims to Asurion via or by calling 1-877-841-1138.

How do I subscribe to Samsung Care Plus?

Samsung Care Plus is only available to new Samsung phones within the first 60 days of usage, and you can purchase the plan during checkout if you haven't bought a device. You can't transfer the Samsung Care coverage from your old phone, as the new device needs to be enrolled separately. You may cancel the plan on your old phone if you no longer need to protect it.

Regardless, there are two ways to subscribe to Samsung's protection plan on your new device:

  • Through the Samsung Members app. This app is preinstalled on your Samsung phone, but you can also download it from the Play Store.
  • Through the Samsung Care Plus website. You'll need your device's IMEI number to register through the website.

Your protection coverage begins after purchase, and Samsung bills you for the next 36 months unless you're on a one-off plan. However, you can cancel your Samsung Care Plus subscription anytime. You'll receive a full refund if you cancel within 30 days of subscribing.

Is Samsung Care Plus worth it?

Whether you should get Samsung Care Plus or not relies on many factors. It might be a good option if you're accident-prone and own one of Samsung's foldables. However, owners of budget Samsung phones that wrap their devices in a protective screen or case might not need to bother. Still, Samsung Care Plus gives you peace of mind for a relatively inexpensive subscription fee. If you have further doubts concerning the package, Samsung has answers to your questions through the Samsung Care Plus FAQs page.

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