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myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control
Source: MyQ
myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control
$20 $30 Save $10

The myQ Chamberlain smart garage door opener is a versatile and cost-effective solution to the perpetual worry that you may have forgotten your garage door open. For Prime Day, Amazon has discounted this smart home accessory to just $20 instead of the usual $30.

If you have ever been overwhelmed by a wave of paranoia halfway on the drive to work because you think you left the garage door open, a smart garage door opener could be a great addition to your smart home arsenal. Most of our favorite smart garage door openers are Chamberlain products, and the myQ Chamberlain smart garage control is our pick for its ease of installation and simplicity of operation.

This Prime Day, Amazon is offering good deals on smart home gear and a 33% discount on this $30 product to ease your anxiety. That’s $10 in savings, so you pay just $20. That may not seem like a major discount, but it is well worth the price considering you don’t need to change anything about your existing garage door opener. You need to hook the Chamberlain up to it, install the sensor, and start controlling your garage door with the smartphone app from anywhere in the world.

Why this is a good deal

The myQ Chamberlain smart garage door opener offers a lot more than just remote control via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when in the physical proximity of the opener. Chamberlain says the system will work with any existing garage door opener made after 1993 and relies on a photoelectric sensor that doesn’t shut off. Once installed, you can see the status of your garage door on the connected app. The system is versatile because to operate a second garage door, you just need to buy an additional sensor, not a complete kit.

Chamberlain’s system makes giving access to your garage to your friends and family very convenient. You could even set up in-garage delivery with Amazon Key — a feature currently available in select areas for free to Prime members. The system alerts you when the door is left open, instantly killing the anxiety that hits as soon as you hop on the freeway for that road trip. The myQ Chamberlain smart Garage opener usually sells for $30, but at $20, we think it is a worthy investment if you value your peace of mind and the convenience of remote control.