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Source: Samsung
Samsung Type-C Earbuds (wired)
$15 $30 Save $15

Sometimes you just need a cheap pair of throwaway earbuds for temporary or backup use, and these Samsung x AKG earbuds are perfect for that. They feature a braided cable, an inline remote with a microphone, and a USB-C connector, so there's no need for an audio jack.

Amazon's Prime Day event has delivered an incredible number of deals on some of the best wireless earbuds you can buy. But lost in the barrage of $100 and $200 headphones is this extra-affordable pair of Samsung buds. They are the Samsung x AKG buds, which you may remember being included in the box with your old Galaxy Note and other phones, and they make for the perfect pair of backup earbuds. They are wired, obviously, but connect via USB-C instead of a 3.5mm plug, and right now, you can pick up a pair for just $15.

Why you should buy these Samsung earbuds

Honestly, for $15, why wouldn't you buy these earbuds? They're obviously not going to blow you away with sound quality or features, but as far as cheap headphones go, they'll certainly get the job done. The all-black design is minimal and classy, and the understated AKG branding adds a nice touch. As with most earbuds, they include multiple ear tip sizes for a more custom fit, and there's an inline remote with a microphone for fielding phone calls. Finally, the cable is braided for better durability and less tangling, and since it uses USB-C to connect, there's no need for the nearly-instinct headphone jack.

This is typically where we list the product's caveats, but at just $15, is there really anything we could say here that would be a deal-breaker for these Samsung earbuds? Sure, they don't have noise-canceling or multipoint support, but they also don't require batteries, charging, or a bulky carrying case. Besides, wired headphones seem to be making a comeback anyway, so why not hop on that trend with this super-cheap Prime Day deal?