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Synology DiskStation DS923+
Source: Synology
Synology DiskStation DS923+
Great Prime Day NAS deal
$480 $600 Save $120

Synology’s DiskStation DS923+ is a four-bay NAS with AMD CPU, M.2 slots, and awesome DSM operating system. It's missing one bay compared to our original pick, but it's also $80 cheaper while still on sale.

The Synology DiskStation DS1522+ deal that we originally highlighted here has now sold out, but we're hoping it comes back before Prime Day and its aftershocks die out.

In the meantime, Synology's four-bay DiskStation DS923+ is still discounted by 20%, bringing the total down to $480. You get one less bay for your drives, but it costs $80 less than the other sale price. It's powered by an AMD Ryzen R1600 processor, it has dual M.2 slots for speedier cache access to your most-used data, and it has two Gigabit Ethernet ports for easy connectivity.

Until the DiskStation DS1522+ returns to its sale price (if it ever does), the DiskStation DS923+ should be a great alternative.

Synology DiskStation DS1522+
Source: Synology
Synology DiskStation DS1522+
$560 $700 Save $140

Synology’s DiskStation DS1522+ will get you the most value for your money, considering everything it packs inside. You not only get a powerful AMD Ryzen processor, but the 8GB of base RAM also ensures you have enough horsepower to get started with this 5-bay NAS system.

When it comes to the best Synology NAS enclosures, the DiskStation DS1522+ tops the list as our favorite system. This upgraded model comes with a bunch of improvements on the inside that make it a much beefier system than its predecessor. It fits well into the workflows of modern small businesses and home offices that need their files handy all the time.

Even at its usual price of $700, we’d wholeheartedly recommend buying the DS1522+, but fortunately, you don’t have to spend that much, thanks to this terrific Prime Day deal. Amazon has knocked a full $140 off the Synology DS1522+, bringing its price down to a far more affordable price of just $560. Considering it is a fairly new NAS model from Synology, such steep discounts are rare and something you shouldn’t miss if you’ve been eyeing a great mid-range NAS. This massive saving can go towards quality hard drives made specifically for NAS enclosures.

Why should you buy the Synology DiskStation DS1522+?

The DiskStation DS1522+ is designed for your office work, but it’s equally good for media playback as well. Thanks to the dual-core AMD Ryzen R1600 processor that provides desktop-class performance suitable for running business applications. And it further helps that you can expand its 8GB of base RAM to a whopping 32GB, enabling smoother multitasking for your entire team.Since it is an upgraded model, Synology has also added a few new capabilities. For instance, you can now attach not one but two expansion units, making it future-proof should you ever run out of space on this 5-bay system and need to add more drives.

While there are four-gigabit slots that support link aggregation for faster throughput, you can use the PCIe slot to add a 10GbE card (sold separately) for lightning-fast data transfers.These practical internal upgrades alone make the DS1522+ a worthy home and business NAS, especially at its new discounted price for Prime Day. Just jump on this deal without thinking twice before Amazon runs out of stock. And if you think you can make do with a smaller four-bay NAS, you can save even more by going with the equally versatile DiskStation DS923+, which is currently available with a hefty discount. If you're still not sure, no fear. There are plenty of great NAS deals this Prime Day.