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Source: Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go
$200 $350 Save $150

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go is a lightweight laptop designed for lightweight tasks. It makes up for its mid-range internals with the option of 4G connectivity on some models. The Chromebook Go's AT&T model is discounted to just $200 right now, and it's unlikely you'll find another comparable laptop at this price point.

Selecting the best Chromebook for your usage is no longer as simple as it used to be, mostly thanks to several hardware brands entering the space. Samsung also wanted a piece of the Chromebook pie and launched the Galaxy Chromebook Go to that effect. As the “Go” branding would lead you to believe, this machine is suitable for low-horsepower tasks like editing documents on the cloud, streaming media, and reading your email.

If that’s the sort of workload you’ll throw at your laptop, there are few options as light as the 3.2-pound Galaxy Chromebook Go. At the tail end of Prime Day 2023, Amazon went one better by making the price tag lighter as well. By opting for the LTE AT&T model, you can save a whopping $150 on the $350 sticker price for a reasonable cost of $200.

Why is this a good deal

Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook Go is the textbook definition of a lightweight device. With a 14-inch 720p HD display and no-frills hardware, it makes every sacrifice to ensure the weight is manageable on the go. The Chromebook has a 1.1GHz Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of DDR4 RAM, 32GB of eMMC storage, and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, so you can take advantage of high-speed internet if you have one of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers. Google already optimized Chrome OS for running on hardware like this, so you will not notice lethargy or lag in performance.

For connectivity, the Galaxy Chromebook Go includes three USB-A ports; one operates at USB 3.0 speeds while the others are limited to the older USB 2.0 standard. An all-day battery powers this hardware, and Samsung says it will last 12 hours before a recharge is required. The company also designed the laptop to withstand the occasional spill or drop without dying or shattering.

These attributes make the Chromebook Go our go-to recommendation for a decently powerful Chromebook you can carry anywhere to get work done. If this isn't for you, there are still some remaining Chromebook deals even though Prime Day itself is officially over.