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Just like that, Amazon Prime Day is done. We saw a lot of phone deals over the past two days, with lots of price fluctuations and with deals selling out and restocking several times. The good news is there are still some deals to be had if you're looking to save on your next daily driver. Both top-end premium phones and some great budget and midrange options make up a bulk of the latest and greatest in Android hardware, and companies like Google, Motorola, and OnePlus are still offering deep discounts on all sorts of their hardware. There's no telling how long these sales will last, so don't hesitate to jump on them while the savings are still good.

Best deals

Google Pixel 6a smartphone
Source: Google
Google Pixel 6a

Activation required for $249 Best Buy price

$249 $349 Save $100

If you need a new phone but don't want to spend flagship money, the Google Pixel 6a is the phone deal to beat this event. It may be a year old, but the differences between it and the Pixel 7a are so small you basically need a magnifying glass to see them. While older, this phone still has four years of security updates ahead of it, so it could last you years. The cheapest price right now is at Best Buy if you activate immediately, as the earlier $249 has sold out at Amazon.

Render of the Pixel 7 Pro in Hazel
Source: Google
Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google's Pixel 7 Pro refines the Pixel experience after the 6 Pro's initial stumbles last year, improving stability and taking the camera prowess to new levels with image fusing and 4K60fps video on all cameras. 30W fast charging and Pixel's addictive features like automatic Call screening and Pixel recorder help make the Pixel 7 Pro an alluring phone even as an iterative update.

Moto Razr+ (2023) in Viva Magenta
Source: Motorola
Moto Razr+ (2023)

Amazon's $150-off invite-only deal has sold out, but Amazon is taking $100 off for the rest of us slowpokes. Still a great deal for one of the coolest foldable on the market today.

Google Pixel 7
Source: Google
Google Pixel 7

The Pixel 7a may be newer, but the Pixel 7 has a better screen, slightly better camera performance, faster charging (wired and wireless), and a much wider selection of cases and accessories. At $500, it's only $50 more than the Pixel 7a, and might be a worthy upgrade for anyone interested. You can take an extra $100 off at Best Buy if you're willing to Activate Today.

Google Pixel 7a blue render, front and back
Source: Google
Google Pixel 7a

The newest A-series Pixel launched at $500 instead of $449 like its predecessors, but Prime Day is bringing it back down to the price it should've been all along. And if you're willing to activate the phone on your carrier during purchase, Best Buy will drag that price even further down to $399.

Google Pixel deals

Most of Google's phones still have deals going on, and not just at Amazon either as Best buy offers some deep discounts if you choose to activate the phone at checkout. The most prominent deals left are with the A-Series of pixel phones. The Pixel 7a is Google's most recent non-folding phone, and it can be yours for just $450. It's a small discount, but the device has only been available for two months — not bad. The Pixel 6a is rapidly approaching its first birthday, but that doesn't make it a bad phone. And with its $249 price point at Best Buy with immediate activation, it's back to an all-time low. If you're looking for a budget device on Prime Day, the Pixel 6a is the one to buy.

Motorola deals

Motorola has had a fantastic 2023, launching two of our favorite smartphones from the brand in years. Even though Prime Day is over, the Motorola still has ton of deals on devices both new and old, including the Moto Razr+ that earned our Most Wanted award in June. At $900, it's already $10 off its usual price through Best Buy.

But as we all know, the company cut its teeth on budget phones. The Moto G Stylus is a 4G-only phone, but at $161, it's an ultra-cheap alternative to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Last year's Moto Edge+ isn't quite as good as this year's model, but it can deliver if you're looking for a cheap flagship experience.

OnePlus deals

OnePlus had been running a couple discounts on OnePlus and Amazon of late, including a free storage upgrade on the OnePlus 11, but the brand's focus on value is really coming out for Prime Day. The OnePlus 11 is down to $600 for its base configuration, a total steal if you're a fan of the company's products. With a Snapdragon Slightly cheaper — and slightly older — is the OnePlus 10T. Its base configuration sold out at $380, but you can still get the 16GB/256GB variant for $530.

The company's latest budget phone, the OnePlus Nord N30, is also on sale, though you won't find its lowest price on Amazon. Instead, it's worth heading over to Best Buy to pick it up for just $150 — that's half off. Unfortunately, carrier activation is required, but doing so through Best Buy's website is surprisingly easy. If you can get over that speed bump, it's well worth your time. Finally, if cheap is what you're after, the OnePlus Nord N200 is a steal at $142. It's not without its flaws, but if a good deal is what you're after, it's one of the cheapest phones you'll find this Black Friday.

Budget phones

It's no secret that there's a small tsunami of great budget Android phones out there, but deals on these phones on Prime Day can get a bit sticky. We've already mentioned three of the top budget phones around — the Galaxy A54, Pixel 6a, and Pixel 7a — which, alongside discounted devices like the OnePlus 10T and Moto Edge, make for some great value for savvy shoppers. Brands like Motorola tend to try burying customers under a flood of discounts on every phone they've made in the last three years, so pay attention to the handful we picked above to know what's worth actually buying.

The Galaxy A54 next to the Google Pixel 6a

Finally, it's important to remember a couple of details you might want to keep in mind as you shop this week. If cameras matter to you, and you're on a limited budget, the Pixel 6a is far and away your best bet, though the Pixel 7a can also be a compelling choice if your budget accommodates it. The Pixel 7a is also one of the precious few "cheap" Android phones with wireless charging, though it's becoming easier to find on certain smartphones, especially as prices on last year's flagships drop.

And while new Galaxy Z-series devices and the Pixel 8 might seem right around the corner, not everyone needs the newest models around. If you can get by on year-old hardware, these deals on 2022 smartphones are basically unbeatable. And hey, with savings as big as these prices, you can take your extra cash and put it towards a matching new smartwatch or fitness tracker — plenty of those on sale, too.

Amazon Prime
Source: Amazon
Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has long since evolved from the days when it merely offered free two-day shipping and a burgeoning library of original shows. Prime now includes a music service, one of the most robust TV show and movie streaming services on the market, unique deals for its members — like free Twitch subscriptions and exclusive Whole Foods discounts — plus access to exclusive deals, especially on Amazon's unofficial-official holiday: Prime Day.