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Amazon's Prime Day event has officially come to a close, but as expected there are still plenty of great smart home deals of which you can take advantage. Some of the best smart home gadgets available continue to enjoy a discount. These gadgets can transform regular appliances, speakers, lights, and controls into intelligent devices, but their high costs can often deter some consumers.

Amazon is a top destination for smart home equipment, and it's no surprise that we're still seeing great deals even after Prime Day proper. We have scoured the web for discounts on smart home gadgets and compiled a list of top picks that offer significant savings.

Best deals

Source: Google
Google Nest Doorbell (Wired)
$70 $229 Save $159

Woot has offered up a $70 price on the wired Google Nest Doorbell. That's a 69% savings, which is frankly shocking as we just finished up with Prime Day proper. Working with the Nest app, you can keep tabs on your front door with HDR streaming video, two-way talk, motion sensing, and night vision.

Kasa Smart Light Bulbs 4-Pack

Tick the coupon at Amazon to save another $8

$38 $40 Save $2

Kasa's four-pack of colored smart bulbs is an easy pickup if you're looking to automate your home's lighting ... in style. There's no hub necessary, and they'll work with Alexa and Google Home. Regularly priced at $40, they're currently down to $30 after ticking the coupon at Amazon.

Source: iRobot
iRobot Roomba 694
$199 $275 Save $76

This iRobot Roomba 694 can keep your house clean with ease thanks to its Alexa integration and customizable cleaning schedules. It can run for about 90 minutes on a charge and works on carpet and hardwood. It's still 28% off, bringing the total down to $199.

Canon PIXMA TR7020a
Source: Canon
Canon PIXMA TR7020a
$80 $160 Save $80

This inkjet printer from Canon can be controlled with voice commands through Alexa, giving you some mobility while you print. It spits out quality photos and documents, it can scan or copy, and it will even print both sides of a sheet. It's down to $80 even though Prime Day has wrapped up.

Kasa Smart Light Switch HS200P3
$40 $45 Save $5

This three-pack of Kasa's smart light switches are compatible with Alexa and Google Home, and they don't require any other hardware to work in your smart home. Just wire them into the wall, set them up on Wi-Fi, and you're good to go. It's still on sale for $33 as long as you tick the coupon box at Amazon.

Prime Day has officially ended, but the deals listed above are standout options that you can still buy. They are far from the only deals you should be watching as the big sale event rolls on. Continue reading for more great Prime Day deals on smart security devices, smart plugs, smart lights, smart appliances, and more! Be sure to check out our collection of the best Prime Day NAS deals for most top storage options.

Smart TV deals

Prime Day is usually a great time to pick up a new TV on the cheap, and that appears to be no different this year. We're still seeing some great deals following Prime Day proper. Amazon even has some of its Fire TVs still on sale, which I've listed below.

Amazon Fire TV deals

Smart speakers & display deals

  • Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation
    Source: Google
    Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation
    $55 $100 Save $45

  • belkin-soundform-elite-render-01
    Source: Belkin
    Belkin SoundForm Elite
    $113 $200 Save $87

Amazon's best Alexa-powered speakers have returned to the regular price after enjoying discounts during Prime Day. However, there are still some lasting deals to pick through.

Home security deals

  • arlo-essential-wireless-video-doorbell
    Source: Arlo
    Arlo Essential Video Doorbell
    $95 $200 Save $105

  • kasa-smart-indoor-pan-tilt-cam-render-01
    Kasa Smart Indoor Pan-Tilt Security Camera

    Tick the coupon at Amazon to save $7

  • nest-cam-wired-render
    Source: Google
    Google Nest Cam (indoor, wired)
    $70 $100 Save $30

  • Google Nest Doorbell Gen 2
    Source: Amazon
    Google Nest Doorbell
    $150 $180 Save $30

Securing your home can be expensive, especially if your hardware can intelligently communicate with your other smart home devices. Prime Day offered many of the same great sales on products like the best battery-powered Wi-Fi security cameras, and there are still some deals running strong. High-end smart doorbells were also very popular during Prime Day, and you can still pick up something on sale.

Smart light deals

  • govee-smart-light-bulbs-4pk
    Source: Govee
    Govee Smart Light Bulbs

    Tick the coupon box to save 35%

  • govee-rgb-led-light-strip-50ft-render-01
    Source: Govee
    Govee Smart LED Strip Lights (50')

    Tick the coupon at Amazon to save another $8

    $25 $30 Save $5

  • kasa-smart-light-bulbs-4-pack-render-01
    Kasa Smart Light Bulbs 4-Pack

    Tick the coupon at Amazon to save another $8

    $38 $40 Save $2

  • kasa-smart-light-strip-render-01
    Kasa Smart LED Light Strip
    $30 $40 Save $10

  • kasa-smart-light-bulbs-four-pack-soft-white-render-01
    Source: Kasa
    Kasa Smart Light Bulbs 4-Pack (White)

    Tick the coupon at Amazon to save another $9

    $39 $45 Save $6

  • govee-recessed-lighting-render-01
    Source: Govee
    Govee 4-inch Smart Recessed Lighting

    Tick coupon at Amazon to save $30

  • philips-hue-white-color-ambience-a19-3pack-render-01
    Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Smart Light Bulb (3-pack)
    $76 $135 Save $59

  • sylvania-smart-bulbs-mesh-led-render-01
    SYLVANIA Smart WIFI LED Light Bulb
    $9 $30 Save $21

  • govee-flide-tgbic-smart-wall-light-render-01
    Source: Govee
    Govee Glide RGBIC Smart Wall Light

    TIck the coupon at Amazon to save $30

    $140 $180 Save $40

  • govee-rgbic-corner-lamp-render-01
    Source: Govee
    Govee RGBIC Corner Lamp

    Tick the coupon at Amazon to save $60

  • philips-hue-white-ambience-starter-pack-render-01
    Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance A19 Starter Kit
    $90 $130 Save $40

Whether you're looking for light bulbs, lamps, or lighting strips, Prime Day is a great time to shop for your new smart home lighting. Many of the same smart lighting deals are still live, with many other returning to the regular price but offering a coupon code.

Smart lighting is a great (and relatively affordable) way to step into smart home automation; that's exactly how I first got started, and it's been a fun ride ever since. Just be sure to pick up the correct hub (if needed) before buying extra standalone lights. If you're looking for something that doesn't need a hub, Govee has a huge variety of smart lighting on sale. From bulbs to light strips to lamps, just about everything Govee offers has been discounted for Prime Day. I've put together a separate guide to the best Prime Day Govee deals to help you conveniently shop.

Router and mesh Wi-Fi deals

TP-Link's Deco X55 and XE75 mesh Wi-Fi systems are still on sale even though Prime Day has concluded, giving you some options for your mesh setup. You can pick up these products in one, two, or three packs depending on your needs, with discounts throughout.

Smart plugs & switches deals

  • kasa-smart-plug-ultra-mini-render-01
    Source: Kasa
    Kasa Smart Plug Ultra Mini

    Tick the coupon at Amazon to save another $2

    $17 $20 Save $3

  • kasa-smart-dimmer-switch-hs220-render-01
    Source: Kasa
    Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch HS220

    Tick the coupon at Amazon to save another $15

    $60 $75 Save $15

  • kasa-hs300-smart-strip-1
    Source: Amazon
    Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip HS300

    Tick the coupon at Amazon to save another $17

    $59 $80 Save $21

  • kasa-smart-3way-switch-rener-01
    Kasa Smart 3 Way Switch (HS210)
    $16 $25 Save $9

  • kasa-outdoor-smart-plug-render-01
    Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

    Tick the coupon at Amazon to save another $3

    $22 $30 Save $8

  • meross-smart-power-strip-render-01
    Meross smart power strip

    Tick the coupon at Amazon to save $8

Kasa is a major brand when it comes to the best smart plugs around, and even though Prime Day proper has ended we're still seeing some great deals on smart plugs and switches. As with smart lighting, smart plugs are a great place to get started with your smart home setup. A plug here and a plug there can make it feel like all of your appliances are intelligent, and the plugs themselves are relatively affordable. Going one step further, you can even find smart home switches that are a more permanent fixture with the same end goal.

Appliance deals

Amazon doesn't just discount smaller and more affordable items during Prime Day. Larger appliances — including fans, coffee makers, garage door openers, sprinkler controllers, vacuums, thermostats, and more — also see some hefty discounts, allowing you to spend less and still finish off your smart home dreams. Many of these sales have now ended, but there are still some tasty deals to pick through.

Amazon shopping is straightforward and about as easy as it gets, but there are some great Amazon shopping tips that you should know before navigating something like Prime Day. And if you aren't already a subscriber, Amazon's Prime membership will unlock the best of the best deals when we finally get to the actual Prime Day event.

Amazon Prime
Source: Amazon
Amazon Prime

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