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Foggy overgrown hills in rainforest of Cameroon, Africa.

Mount Muanenguba

Believe in the people on the Mount to protect rainforest.

Conservation in Mount Muanenguba has historically involved removing people that have always lived in rainforest, out.

We want to change this. People living in South West Cameroon near the Bakossi National Park and the Banyan-Mbo sanctuary at the edge of the Congo rely on rainforest as much as the 171,000 hectares of rainforest rely on them. In Mount Muanenguba ultra-rich biodiversity, the highest plant density in Central Africa and one-fifth of all African primates can be found.

It’s not just political pressures, or extractive industries, or climate breakdown itself that drives deforestation – it’s the desire for outsiders to make profit at the expense of people. Separating people from their homes and driving people to leave means both people and forest are vulnerable. Our work supports people to live in and protect this globally important biodiverse carbon sink.

In recent years, political conflicts have created additional pressure on the rainforest here with 700,000 people displaced from cities to rural areas. Outside pressures and marginalisation can leave people no choice but to sell land or hunt bushmeat on a larger scale.

We partner with the people on the Mount and our local NGO partner CCREAD to face these challenges, to ensure all life here can continue.


From fruit tree nurseries to keeping bees, our radical solutions aim to ease the daily pressures of living in rainforest.

People Powered Projects


Five solar energy farms have been installed to ease pressure on rainforest. This work was carried out as part of CCREAD’s ‘Muanenguba Partnership’ in partnership with Cool Earth.

Let there be light.


Explore the climate-saving acts and cash-driven initiatives that benefit people and fight the climate crisis at the root.

Radical Solutions