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Foggy overgrown hills in rainforest of Cameroon, Africa.

Congo Rainforest

Big rainforest. Growing threats. Huge potential to cool the Earth.

The Congo is vast. 288 million hectares of some of the oldest, most dense carbon-capturing rainforest on Earth.


The Congo is the world’s second-largest rainforest biome, fed by the second-largest river.

Spanning six countries in central Africa the resource-rich, biodiverse Congo is largely untouched compared to other rainforests around the world.

Threats are increasing and so is climate-induced pressure. We work with communities to protect the Congo, the biodiversity that keeps it healthy, and the 32 billion (yes, billion) tonnes of carbon stored in trees and plants there.

Alongside the huge rainforest trees, you’ll find elephants, gorillas and the elusive okapi (known as the “forest giraffe’). They live alongside 400 other species of mammal. Hippos, manatees and a variety of fish are found in the swamps, rivers and mangroves that make the rainforest an efficient, functioning carbon sink.


What happens in rainforest affects us all. Discover the potential of rainforests like the Congo in the fight against the climate crisis.

Carbon Potential of Rainforest