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Android has an inconsistent history with lock screen widgets. Google added the feature all the way back in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, only to remove it a few years later with 5.0 Lollipop. Despite that, Samsung has kept these widgets around in some form, but they aren't very useful in their current state. Thankfully, it seems One UI 6 could put that right.

One UI 6 will be based on Android 14, which added some new lock screen customization of its own. The next version of Samsung's skin has been in the works as long ago as May, and it seems this focus on lock screen customization will translate to Samsung's software.

The current implementation

To be honest, calling this list of shortcuts "widgets" is a bit misleading. Aside from the Galaxy Buds controls that were recently added, none of these are actual widgets you'll find on your home screen. You can't resize them or place them anywhere you like. Instead, you'll find them hidden behind a tap of the clock, and the only customization on offer is toggling them on or off and reordering their position on the list.

One UI 6 could change things

According to a report, One UI 6 could allow users to add any widget to the lock screen — not just Samsung's curated list. Twitter user itnyang shared the information along with a screenshot of what this could look like (via SamMobile). Honestly, it looks a little rough to me, but this could be an early implementation. If Samsung allows us to control the transparency of the widgets as it does on the home screen, it could look better.

One UI 6 is rumored to enter beta by the end of July, so perhaps, we'll get to see a more polished version of lock screen widgets then. Hopefully, it'll be compatible with the stacked widgets Samsung added with One UI 4.1, which allows multiple widgets to be placed in one location, saving space. Whatever happens, we'll keep you updated as more information on One UI 6 becomes available.