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Source: Amazon
Roborock Q5+
$400 $700 Save $300

With set-it-and-forget-it mechanisms in place, the Roborock Q5+ is one of those robot vacuums that can clean your home without requiring you to lift a finger. It offers superior mapping, powerful and quiet cleaning, and an auto-emptying system. With the Amazon coupon, you can take it home for only $300, making this one of the sweetest post-Prime Day deals out there.

Technology hasn't advanced quite far enough to give us a tool that magically cleans our homes with just the snap of a finger, but there's something close: robot vacuums. These loyal servants tidy up floors without requiring you to lift a finger and cover places you don't usually see — much less want to be bothered to reach. The best part? You won't hear them complaining. Although it might be you complaining when you learn just how much the really high-quality ones cost, we've got a killer deal to spare you that kind of sticker shock.

As luck would have it, the Roborock Q5+, which is arguably one of the best robot vacuums out there, happens to be on sale for $300 off. It was discounted by $200 during the recently-concluded Prime Day, but with this deal, you'll get an extra $100 off and take it home for only $400. All you have to do is tick the coupon box.

Why you need the Roborock Q5+ to clean your home

We loved the Roborock Q5+ so much that in our review, one of the only things we balked at was its expensive price tag — which won't be a problem now that it's on sale for $300 off. It's one of those vacuums that you can set and forget, fully capable of mapping and cleaning your home without bumping into any furniture. Thanks to LiDAR navigation, it can map up to four levels and avoid any no-go zone you assign, and travel from room to room without any outside interference.

A good vacuum needs some decent power behind it, and the Q5+ has a maximum suction power of 2700 Pa — that's admittedly less than upright and handheld vacuums, but significant enough to annihilate dirt and grime off your floors and carpets. The model has a floating rubber brush that can tackle pet hair, and with advanced airflow management and sound control, it cleans without any distracting noises.

What we don't get here, however, is a mopping feature for wet messes, but if you're not the type to spill liquids often, it shouldn't be a problem. The Q5+ can cover up to 3230 square feet for up to 180 minutes, and when it runs out of battery, it automatically returns to its dock to recharge. It even empties itself and unloads debris into a 2.5-liter dust bag (sold separately), but it's good for up to seven weeks, so it can still last longer if there's not much to clean.

You can say goodbye to dust bunnies with the Roborock Q5+, on sale for just $300 with the coupon. Don't forget to tick the coupon box to get your discount.