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The best Chromebooks are famous for their phenomenal value, long battery life, and ability to work well with Google products. The average Chromebook has a 9-hour and 58-minute battery life and requires a 45W charger, and a few can take advantage of 65W chargers.

When it comes to purchasing a charger, it's always hard to find the best of the best, and it doesn't matter if you're buying it for your Chromebook, smartphone, or any gadget. Finding a 45W USB-C Power Delivery charger isn't difficult, as you may already know, but what makes it hard is that the market is flooded with overpriced and unknown brands. So, before we get into the list, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you need a charger to charge only a Chromebook?
  • Do you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously, such as a tablet and a smartphone?
  • Do you carry your Chromebook around with you all the time?

No worries if you're still not sure what you're looking for. We've compiled a list of the best Chromebook chargers, so you can find one that works for you. The choice is yours!

  • Baseus 65W 3 Port Foldable USB C Wall Charger
    Source: Baseus
    Baseus 65W 3 Port Foldable USB C Wall Charger
    Best overall

    Baseus is one of the most well-known brands in the electronic accessories industry. Its wall charger comes with two USB-C ports with PD support and a USB-A port with QC 3.0, making it an excellent pick for those looking for a charger with multiple ports. Both USB-C ports can deliver 65W of power, whereas the USB-A port can offer up to 60W. However, if you use more than one port, the 65W will be split between ports.

  • ugreen 100w usb-c desktop charger
    Source: Ugreen
    UGREEN 100W USB-C Desktop Charger
    Premium pick

    Featuring three USB-C ports and a single USB-A port, this desktop charger from Ugreen makes it easy to charge a variety of USB devices simultaneously. This product's ability to produce 100W of power is one of its many advantages, and it allows you to charge your electronic devices quickly, so Chromebook owners won't be disappointed. And apart from USB Power Delivery, the Ugreen charger supports QC 4.0+ and PPS fast charging protocols.

  • zmi zpower turbo
    Source: ZMI
    ZMI zPower Turbo 65W
    Best value

    The ZMI zPower Turbo is an excellent choice for those on the go due to its small size and foldable prongs. The only thing that beats its compact size is its low price. With its single USB-C PD port, it can charge Chromebooks and USB-PD-enabled devices at their top speed. Plus, the company includes a free USB-C cable in the box.

  • baseus 20000mah power bank
    Source: Baseus
    Baseus 20000mAh 65W Laptop Power Bank
    Portable charger
    $50 $80 Save $30

    If you're often away from a power socket, this Baseus 20,000mAh power bank is perfect for you. It houses one USB-C and two USB-A outputs, which can charge your Chromebook and smartphone simultaneously. And even while using Type-C and Type-A ports, it can deliver 45W power to your laptop. In other features, a numerical LED charge indicator is convenient for determining whether the power bank is full. Lastly, the aluminum alloy casing dissipates heat throughout the charging process.

  • anker 713 charger
    Source: Anker
    Anker Nano II 45W

    Anker Nano II uses GaN technology, and it is excellent for small charger fans. Besides, the charger comes with foldable prongs, making it convenient for storage and travel. It has been on the market for a few years, but it's still a reliable option. You also get a single USB-C port in the Nano II, which can charge most Chromebooks at their top speed. Moreover, it supports PPS for Samsung and Google Pixel phones.

  • nekteck 107w usb-c charger
    Source: Nekteck
    Nekteck 107W USB C Charger

    What's better than having a single charger for all your devices? NekTeck's 107W USB-C Charger can fulfill that requirement for you. It features two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, allowing you to connect all sorts of devices for charging. One of the USB-C ports on the power brick can deliver up to 65W power, which is enough to charge not just Chromebooks but many other popular laptops.

  • aohi 65w usb-c charger
    Source: Aohi
    AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger

    Need a tiny power brick to carry around? The AOHI Magcube 65W PD USB C Charger is a fantastic option. It's one of the smallest 65W power bricks on the market and weighs just over 100 grams. But despite its tiny form factor, it'll pass enough juice to charge your Chromebook at top speed. Plus, if you plan to use it with your Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phone, you'll be happy to know that it also supports PPS.

  • spigen arcstation car charger
    Source: Spigen
    Spigen ArcStation 65W USB C Car Charger

    The Spigen ArcStation USB-C car charger is great for juicing up your Chromebook on the road. It has a small profile and supports both 12V and 24V sockets. It also has two USB-C ports, one of which can deliver up to 45W power, and the other tops out at 20W. So you can simultaneously charge your phone and Chromebook or other USB PD laptops.

  • anker powerport iii pod lite
    Source: Anker
    Anker PowerPort III Pod Lite 65W

    One of the Anker PowerPort III Pod Lite's main features is portability. And although it's small and light enough to fit in a travel or laptop bag without taking up too much room, the prongs aren't foldable. Still, with Anker's MultiProtect safety system, you can rest assured that your Chromebook will be charged safely. Moreover, as the name suggests, it has a single USB-C port, which can offer up to 65W power.

  • Zendure"" data-modal-id="single-image-modal" data-modal-container-id="single-image-modal-container" data-img-caption="null">
    zendure supertank s5
    Source: Zendure
    Zendure SuperTank S5

    The Zendure SuperTank S5 power bank comes in handy when you don't have access to an electrical outlet to charge your Chromebook; its 24,000mAh battery capacity is enough to deliver sufficient charge to any USB PD laptop, including Chromebooks. On top of that, it supports up to 100W charging and features two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. You can use either USB-C port to charge your laptop, but the Type-A port is only suitable for phones or low-power devices.

  • neckteck 45w charger
    Source: Nekteck
    Nekteck 45W USB-C Wall Charger

    Nekteck's USB-C charger features a 6-foot USB-C cable, which is long enough to connect to an outlet while working on your laptop on the couch. The attached cable eliminates the need to find one that can handle the charger's maximum output. And, let's be honest, it saves some money. On the downside, it takes up more space than expected because the cable isn't detachable.

  • belkin boostcharge 68w charger
    Source: Belkin
    Belkin USB-PD GaN Charger 68W
    $56 $65 Save $9

    This Belkin USB-PD charger is another excellent option for Chromebook owners. It has two USB-C ports, one of which can push out up to 60W of power when used standalone and up to 50W when used alongside the other port. In both scenarios, the port can fast charge your Chromebook without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, you can use the other port to charge your phone, tablet, or wireless earbuds.

  • spigen arcstation pro 100w charger
    Source: Spigen
    Spigen 100W USB-C GaN Charger

    Perhaps 65W chargers are insufficient for your needs, and instead, you require something powerful yet portable. This Spigen charger is a solid option. It sports two USB-C PD ports, each capable of delivering up to 100W. When both ports are plugged in, 45W is distributed to each port, allowing you to charge two Chromebooks simultaneously. And with GaN technology, it can achieve superior charging efficiency.

  • henhot 20,000mah power bank
    Source: Henhot
    HenHot 20000mAh 65W Power Bank

    Because of its small size and no flight restrictions, the HenHot 65W 20,000mAh is one of the few power banks suitable for people on the go. It has one USB-C port that serves as both an input and an output port and one USB-A output port. The USB-C port’s dual functionality is a bit of a drawback, though, as it prevents you from simultaneously charging your Chromebook and the power bank.

Choosing the best of the best for your Chromebook

There are so many great options on the market, but hopefully, you've found one that can match your specific needs. For example, if you tend to be a drain on your electronics, then you'll be happy with the 100W Ugreen charger. It's an all-around excellent product with three USB-C and one USB-A port. While the price of Ugreen may seem high, it is reasonable compared to its 100W, multi-port competitors. In addition, the Ugreen charger can juice up two Chromebooks at full speed at once, another bonus for multi-laptop households.

On the other hand, if you only require a single-port Chromebook charger that you can toss into your bag, we recommend the ZMI zPower Turbo. The zPower Turbo is small and super compact. On the plus side, with its 65W power rating and USB-C cable, the zPower Turbo is a great value overall.

If you've decided you want one of the top power banks for portability, don't hesitate to buy the Baseus 20000mAh power bank. It has one Type-C and two Type-A ports, so you can simultaneously top up your Chromebook and phone.