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While the OnePlus Nord N30's performance holds its own with the best budget Android devices of 2023, its build quality leaves a lot to be desired. Unlike other phones with plastic frames and backs, the Nord N30 needs a case to keep it in good condition. Even putting a Nord N30 in the same room as car keys will pick up micro scratches, and fingerprints and smudges display prominently on its glossy charcoal plastic back. Although this isn't the case selection you'd get from a flagship, there are still some excellent, affordable choices to help protect your N30.

  • Poetic Guardian case for the OnePlus Nord N30
    Source: Poetic Guardian
    Poetic Guardian Case for OnePlus Nord N30
    Best overall

    With its two-piece construction and transparent back, the Poetic Guardian showcases the design of your Nord N30 without sacrificing protection. Plus, the raised lip around the edge gives added protection to the screen if you like to put your phone face down on a table. The Guardian is available in three colors, so you can add a little flare to your case.

  • Speck case for the OnePlus Nord N30
    Source: Speck
    Speck IMPACTHERO Grip Case for OnePlus Nord N30
    Premium pick

    The IMPACTHERO Grip case has a unique Speck design and provides plenty of protection to keep your Nord N30 from slipping out of your hand. The edges are raised along the screen to allow for protection from drops from a range of angles. Available in a variety of colors, the Speck IMPACTHERO is a solid choice for premium protection.

  • Foluu case for the OnePlus Nord N30
    Source: Amazon
    Foluu Clear Case for OnePlus Nord N30
    Best value

    The Foluu Clear Case sports a hybrid of soft-touch plastic around the frame and a hard shell on the back for a good mix of grip and protection. And because of the clear back, you can showcase the design of your OnePlus Nord N30 without risking scuffs and cracks from keys and drops.

  • Folio case for the OnePlus Nord N30
    Source: OnePlus
    Feitenn Folio Case for the OnePlus Nord N30
    Best folio case

    The Feitenn Folio case matches a PU leather outer case with an internal plastic shell for extra durability and protection for your OnePlus Nord N30. The folio design is popular with business people and those looking for a more professional look added to their OnePlus Nord N30. In addition, the fold-over clasp prevents the screen from being exposed inadvertently.

  • Poetic Revolution case for the OnePlus Nord N30
    Source: Amazon
    Poetic Revolution Case for the OnePlus Nord N30

    With a built-in kickstand for watching movies, the Poetic Revolution is a good option for those who want to consume media on the go while maintaining protection on their Nord N30. The Revolution case is available in various colors, allowing you to show off your personalized style while protecting your device.

  • OnePlus Nord N30 Sandstone Bumper case
    Source: OnePlus
    OnePlus Sandstone Black Case for Nord N30

    It wouldn't be a OnePlus phone without a Sandstone case to go with it. The OnePlus Sandstone cases have never provided the most protection against minor scuffs and falls, but they do the job and feel amazing in the process. Just be careful with the Sandstone case, though, as there is limited protection along the top and bottom.

  • Silicone case for the OnePlus Nord N30
    Source: Amazon
    Foluu Silicone Case for the OnePlus Nord N30

    For protection on a budget, the Foluu Silicone case for the OnePlus Nord N30 will protect against minor scuffs and drops, all for under $10. With fun colors to choose from, you can add some variety to your OnePlus Nord N30, which is available in only one color in the US.

  • Cresee Case for OnePlus Nord N30 5G
    Source: Amazon
    Cresee Slim Case for OnePlus Nord N30

    The Cresee slim case provides a flexible option to add scuff protection to your OnePlus Nord N30 5G without adding too much bulk. It also offers some drop protection, but I wouldn't risk too many impacts. As long as you are comfortable trading a bit of protection for a slim look, this case is worth a look.

  • Aikcks case for the OnePlus Nord N30
    Source: Amazon
    Aikcks Shockproof Case for the OnePlus Nord N30

    The Aikcks Shockproof case offers more durable protection for your OnePlus Nord N30 at an affordable price. For under $10, you can get a case capable of withstanding higher drops. It also raises a little along the edges for screen protection when you lay your phone face down on a table.

  • HRWireless case for the OnePlus Nord N30
    HRWireless Hybrid Case for the OnePlus Nord N30

    The HRWireless Hybrid case features a soft inner shell but a rugged outer shell for protection. It also comes with a screen protector. The HRWireless Hybrid is available in multiple colors and can add a bit of variety to your OnePlus Nord N30, which is only available in one color.

Best cases to protect your scratch-magnet OnePlus Nord N30

For a good mix of drop protection and style, the Poetic Guardian has a lot to offer for only $19. And even though the Guardian is a two-piece case, it actually comes with three pieces in the packaging. The back piece of the case is the same, but there are two options for the front frame: with or without a screen protector. As someone who used to rip the screen protector from all my Otterbox cases, I appreciate the option to install my own screen protector or go without one entirely. With blue and pink trims available, you can add a pop of color to the back of your gray Nord N30.

Much like the Guardian, the Poetic Revolution case comes with three pieces in the box, but it also adds a kickstand to the back of the case. This allows you to have your Nord N30 in two orientations and keep the phone standing in landscape or portrait mode. The Revolution case comes in three colors, with a striking pink option for those looking to stand out with your Nord N30.

While it may not offer the same protection as other cases on the list, the OnePlus Sandstone gives an entirely different feel to the phone. If you want to cover up that glossy fingerprint fest and protect it from scratches while maintaining a sleek look on your device, the Sandstone case is a great option at only $15.

If you've ever owned a Speck case, the IMPACTHERO Grip has a familiar design. As the name suggests, the dual-layer case offers texture and grip to the OnePlus Nord N30 — and it boasts protection from drops up to 8 feet. In addition, the Speck features a built-in antimicrobial treatment to keep the case both stain and odor free. With its blend of premium features and protection, it may be the right choice for you at $30.

Whether you go with something sleek or a case offering more protection, it should fit your lifestyle. And unlike the Nord N20, the N30's build materials absolutely need protection if you want your phone to look fresh for years to come.