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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 didn't look like much of an upgrade when it was announced last year, but once we got our hands on it, we realized there's more to this phone than meets the eye. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 transformed the battery life into something usable, and the hinge improvements make the phone more comfortable to use when closed.

While the Fold 4 uses Gorilla Glass Victus+ for its front display and back panel combined with an armored aluminum frame, it'll still face damage if knocked or dropped. With that in mind, you'll probably want to protect this expensive device with a sturdy case, so we've collected the best of the best in one place.

  • Samsung Leather Cover for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: Samsung
    Samsung Leather Cover For Galaxy Fold 4
    Best overall
    $44 $80 Save $36

    Most leather cases are actually polyurethane, aka vegan leather. However, Samsung's Leather Cover still uses genuine leather for its premium covers. The Fold 4's cover keeps things simple and dignified without bulking up your already sizable flagship. Unfortunately, we only get two color options: Black and Graygreen, but these colors are at least understated, and the case feels good in the hand.

  • Spigen Slim Armor Pro Pen Edition for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: Amazon
    Spigen Slim Armor Pro Pen Edition For Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Premium pick

    Spigen makes a diverse line of Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases, but the Slim Armor Pro takes the cake with its well-known track record and robust level of protection. This case is heavy-duty without being as much of a tank as its competitors while offering a Pen slot that isn't right in the middle of the Fold 4's back when in tablet mode. The price is high, but Spigen offers discounts and coupons to bring it down to more reasonable levels.

  • Urban Armor Gear Civilian for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: UAG
    UAG Civilian For Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Best value
    $30 $60 Save $30

    Urban Armor Gear’s Civilian isn’t slim, but it’s well-cushioned and offers a thin hinge protector without needing a thick flap. The hinge cover slides into the case’s backplate to let the case sit flat when the main display is open. Then it slides back out when closed to protect the hinge. Inside, there’s plenty of room for honeycomb air cushioning, and the sculpting across the back provides grip and a deep ridge around the camera to keep those lenses safe.

  • Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: Supcase
    Supcase UB Pro For Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    The Unicorn Beetle Pro is the most protective Galaxy Z Fold 4 case on the market, with up to 20-foot impact resistance and robust bumpers around the screens and cameras. Several cases utilize this S Pen slot style, but Supcase added a window in the middle to see or feel the S Pen and easily push it out from there, which in turn lets Supcase build stronger grips to keep the S Pen from slipping out on its own.

  • Spigen Thin Fit P for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: Spigen
    Spigen Thin Fit P For Galaxy Z Fold 4

    Spigen's Thin Fit P offers grip and scratch protection without turning your Galaxy Z Fold 4 into Godzilla. The deep lip around the camera and the outer screen keeps your phone's two most important pieces scratch-free without adding unnecessary bulk to the rest of the case. There's an S Pen slot that takes up a bit more lateral space, but even with that, the entire thing is still much slimmer than Samsung's Standing Cover with S Pen.

  • Casetify Impact for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: Casetify
    Casetify Impact Series for Galaxy Z Fold 4

    Casetify offers a wide selection of cases that are unique, eye-catching, eco-friendly, and easy to personalize. You can mix three case colors with hundreds of designs — including licensed designs from Disney, "Star Wars," "The Office," and more — and best of all, Casetify shows you how every color and pattern combo looks with every Galaxy Z Fold 4 colorway, letting you make sure that nothing will clash before you buy one.

  • Samsung Silicone Grip Cover for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: Amazon
    Samsung Silicone Grip Cover for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    $25 $50 Save $25

    Samsung's Silicone Grip cover offers all-around protection for your Galaxy Z Fold 4 in a case that's smooth to the touch while ensuring you keep a solid handle on your phone. A strap on the back holds your Z Fold 4 in hand, and it's especially useful when the phone is unfolded to work with the larger screen. Samsung offers a variety of unique strap designs to suit your style.

  • i-Blason Cosmo Series for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: i-Blason
    i-Blason Cosmo Series Pro / Halo For Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Promoted pick

    In partnership with i-Blason

    While i-Blason's Cosmo Pro series is better known for its distinct marble styling, the standard Cosmo/Halo is a transparent take that's the best clear Galaxy Z Fold 4 case available. A rotating flap covers the Fold 4 when closed, serves as a grip when it's open, and stows away your S Pen Fold Edition so you'll never forget it. Despite its unassuming design, it also defends against drops of up to ten feet.

  • Poetic Guardian for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: Amazon
    Poetic Guardian for Galaxy Z Fold 4

    Poetic's Guardian offers military-grade protection against drops and scratches while showing off the elegant finish of your Galaxy Z Fold 4. A hard frame provides a shock-absorbent bumper with raised lips to protect your screens and cameras, while a transparent anti-scratch back and built-in screen protector let your phone's color shine through on both sides. Poetic doesn't offer an extra frame, so you'll need to punch it out yourself if you'd prefer to add your own tempered glass.

  • Incipio Grip for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: Incipio
    Incipio Grip For Galaxy Z Fold 4
    $50 $70 Save $20

    No one does a grippy case quite like Incipio. Incipio has refined its shaping and adhesives for its Galaxy Z Fold 4 case, so this one should grip your phone as tightly as you grip the case. Rather than just using slim grooves or patterned pads, Incipio’s grips are larger, thicker, and shaped like caltrops (or cube corners), allowing you to really dig in and hold tight.

  • Otterbox Symmetry Flex Antimicrobial for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: Otterbox
    Otterbox Symmetry Series Flex For Galaxy Z Fold 4
    $39 $80 Save $41

    Otterbox's Symmetry Series has been one of our go-to picks for years for its premium protection and understated design. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 version uses a hinge style similar to the UAG Civilian, but the material is a bit thicker and has a pleasant texture that's more comfortable to hold when using the outer screen or just taking the phone in and out of your pocket. You also get antimicrobial protection on the surface to defend against many common bacteria.

  • Ringke Slim for Galaxy Z Fold 4
    Source: Amazon
    Ringke Slim For Galaxy Z Fold 4

    The Ringke Slim offers Clear and Matte Clear versions, giving you two ways to show off your Galaxy Z Fold 4. The classic clear will showcase every curve and detail, but it also reveals every fingerprint smudge and piece of pocket lint that sneaks its way inside. On the other hand, the Matte Clear version obscures those little distractions while letting the color shine through. It's also treated with an anti-fingerprint coating, so you won't need to worry about smudges.

The best Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases earn their price tags and then some

If you usually like to buy multiple cases for your phone so you can switch between them for different occasions, we have bad news: Foldable cases are harder and more expensive to make, so you'll be paying more than you're used to. Additionally, a lot of them use adhesive strips to remain firmly attached to the Fold 4, so you don't want to remove and refit those too often. You'll need to think carefully about which case to buy and then get something you'll be happy with long-term.

Our top pick goes to the Samsung Leather Cover. It provides basic protection from knocks and scratches, but where it shines is style and comfort. It's soft to the touch, grips the phone tightly with no movement, and looks lovely.

Our premium pick is the Slim Armor Pro from Spigen. Slim Armor is always a great case, but the addition of an S Pen holder makes it even more useful. It's expensive for the Fold 4, but it's sure to last a long time while providing plenty of protection and functionality. Plus, to Spigen's credit, it comes with spare adhesive strips in the box, which can be bought separately from Amazon.

The UAG Civilian provides the best value with its robust design that can easily take any drop or impact you throw at it. While thicker than the other cases mentioned so far, it's thinner than anything else that provides this much durability. It's grippy, looks good, and comes in a range of pleasing colors. What's not to love?

Tips for your case

Once you've got your case selected, here are a few parting tips:

  • Make sure you read the instructions before you start installing it. These cases are complex and fragile, as is the device itself, and the instructions can vary dramatically.
  • Thoroughly clean the phone before putting the case on. The adhesive strips on the case won't stick well if the phone is covered in dust, lint, or skin oils. If those strips fail and the case falls off, that could lead to an expensive and unexpected drop.
  • Once your case application is complete, put the phone down and leave it be for a while so the adhesive can bond. My general rule is to leave it in peace for an hour, but the longer, the better. Add the case before bed, and it'll have all night to settle and adhere.

With your case picked out, it's time to cover your glass and grab a great Z Fold 4 screen protector. Cases with built-in screen protectors are impossible here because you can't have a protector on the inner screen, as it won't adhere properly and would impede S Pen performance. And though only film screen protectors are available for the inner screen, tempered glass is still available for the outer screen.