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Amazon Echo Pop smart speaker sitting on a table 1
Amazon Echo Pop review: The new basic

Simpler and cheaper. Wait, what do you mean it’s not cheaper?


Amazon is driving the prices even lower on its Echo speaker lineup with the new Echo Pop. This new model trims a few of the sensors from the Echo Dot (Gen 4 or 5) and simplifies the design to bring its retail price to $40 while actually increasing the speaker driver size a touch.

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C laying screen up on a metal table 1
Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C review: Everything's better in color

Merging Android with E Ink and a splash of color is pure magic


Onyx is continuing its crusade in the name of e-reading, though it might be more appropriate to call its devices E Ink Android tablets, as they don't come running locked down operating systems like Amazon's Kindle e-readers or reMarkable's tablets. One of the latest models from Onyx is the Boox Tab Ultra C, and it puts a colorful spin on the Boox Tab Ultra we reviewed in March, which is already an appealing device.

earfun-air-pro-3-wireless-earbuds-hero-fixed 1
EarFun Air Pro 3 review: Budget buds that punch above their class

Feature-packed and rich audio — two keys that make for killer budget buds


If you’re asking yourself whether a cheap pair of wireless earbuds can offer similar quality to options costing two to three times as much, I have news for you. The EarFun Air 3 Pro are shockingly cheap for a pair of earbuds that appear to offer so much from a quick skim of the feature list, and they hold up impressively well.